For The Army: Production Update #7


It’s been a while. Recently, however, Jonathan and myself have found ourselves with enough spare time to dust off those old Premiere Pro projects and start finalising all the episodes we’ve shot of For The Army.

Currently, we’re in the final final stages of work for the first episode. With a bit of CGI work and some tweaking here and there it will be finished. With episode two currently being built into a solid “rough edit” state, it will be our next port of call. Our third and final episode is currently still being organised and put together, as it is our lowest priority right now. With it being our most complicated episode (take that as you will), it is going to take a significantly longer amount of time to complete compared to episodes 1 and 2.

These episodes, when they are all done, will be uploading to the Focus Filmworks YouTube channel. From there, we will decide on a release schedule between us and then put it into action.

After, we are in talks of putting all episodes together into a one-hour special and releasing it as a download. The film will not have starting credits, it will have a single title sequence and it will be edited slightly so that it doesn’t feel quite so episodic, which is how we initially wrote For The Army.

We will do our best to keep you posted on here and on the public checklist on the For The Army website. 

Thanks for your time,

20/03/2014: 15 Minutes of Fame

Hello everyone,

It has been a busy couple of months for us here at Focus Filmworks. Along with our own obligations – my university course and Jonathan’s working life – we have been working very closely with dear friends of ours, Open Mind, in order to create an astounding music video that we are all very excited for you to see.

Planning went on for a good few weeks before the shoot, and ideas had been floating around for countless months before then. After talking about it all and working out what would work in a practical sense, as well as what the viewer (you) would see on the screen, we decided on a solid idea. Shooting took around four or five days, spread nicely over two weeks. We had some issues during shooting which changed the idea slightly, but we’re glad that happened. Post-production was the trickiest of parts. Footage had to be sent back and forth through more than 85 miles of beautiful fibre optic and copper cabling. After many, many hours we finally got all the editing, timing and colour correction done, ready for your eyes.

With that, we are happy to announce that Open Mind’s brand new single, and music video, are available right now from their website. We adore the song and we are very pleased that we had the opportunity to work with them in creating something wonderful that is the music video for “15 Minutes of Fame.”

Head over to their website to download the single for FREE! You can watch the video from there or watch it directly from our site.

Thank you,
Bevan Edwards
Managing Director

For The Army: Production Update #6

Hello everyone,

As you can tell, we have failed to hit several For The Army completion deadlines that we set ourselves. Though in the update video we didn’t promise any dates, we do feel bad nonetheless. Here is a quick update to explain what’s happening and why.

The reason we have been unable to complete the edit of the first three episodes boils down to three things: time, man-power and other commitments. Now that I am back at university it’s difficult for me to edit and keep on top of my university work all the time, not to mention that I’m in the middle of producing my final major project, which takes most if not all of my spare time away. Jonathan is working a majority of the time resulting in very limited time to edit as well, but moreso than myself.

Another issue we have run into is that I have a majority of the footage and editing files, as the original plan was for me to edit the episodes and send them over to Jonathan for approval, then he’d send me feedback, I’d fix those issues, colour correct and upload them to YouTube, ready for their public release. Due to the fact that I have very limited time, Jonathan and I have made an agreement; I am going to physically drop the footage over to him this weekend and he is going to take over the final editing work for all the episodes. This does mean, however, that we now have half the man-power than before, so the process may take a little longer.

I should be able to help over my Christmas break, but that will be focused mainly around university work and spending time with the family I have been unable to see for months.

For The Army is still happening – we’ve come too far to have it fail and never see the light of day. We don’t know when it will be released, but we’re hoping in Q1 of 2014. We will do our best to update you through this final push.

Thank you,

For The Army Update: That’s a wrap!

Well, well, guys.

It seems there hasn’t been any activity on this subject for some time. That’s a bit sad really, isn’t it? Well I’m here to give you guys a little update. As of October 2nd 2013, filming on the first three episodes of For The Army wrapped. These are now currently in the process of being edited, special effected, scored and just generally being awesomeised (yes that’s the official term for it). So you can expect to see those at some point in the near future.

However, the other two episodes we were planning to release this year have not been filmed and aren’t likely to…for the time being. To sum it up; we simply ran out of time. As it was we had to film the episodes around our jobs and other commitments, but before we knew it, it was the deadline day for Bevan to go back to university, and Max received some career making news. With both of these guys being out of the area until Christmas the earliest, we made the difficult decision to cut the last two episodes from our block ‘A’ of shooting.

But this doesn’t mean you won’t see them, or the rest of our story; we’re nowhere near done with it. We have thought of other ways we could continue the series but it’ll depend where we’ll all be when we come to finish it. So for the foreseeable future, there will only be three episodes released. Three awesome, dramatic, action-packed and (hopefully) funny episodes. To make up for the lack of actual episodes, there will be behind the scenes videos, bloopers and deleted scenes from the completed episodes and some from the unfinished episodes.

We haven’t been very good at ‘social networking’ the production process but from now on we shall keep you all posted in any future updates. So follow us at @FocusFilmworks on Twitter and you’ve got the links to our YouTube channel here on the site.